What is project slayers trello? | All Information [2023]

Link to Project Slayers on Trello

If you have questions about the game, the Project Slayers Trello page probably has the answers!

Roblox project slayers trello is a fighting game that plays like an action RPG and lets you create a character in the world of the popular anime and manga series Demon Slayers. You will need to look for certain things on the internet if you want the most up-to-date information regarding the experience. To help you learn everything you need to know about the game, we’ll show you where to find Trello.

Link to Project Slayers’ Trello If you want to learn more about the game, you can probably find it on the Project Slayers’ Trello page. You can get to Trello by simply clicking that link, which has a lot of information about how the experience works.

Our Project Slayers trello Codes page, which contains all of the game’s freebies, is a good place to start if you’re looking for some freebies. It will always have the codes you need to obtain useful items because we update it as quickly as possible.


Daily Spinner To obtain free items, you can now use the daily spinner found in the game’s main menu. Look to the right side of your screen for the spinner after selecting your character. There is a 12.5% chance that any of the options will land on a spin.

  • Wen: If landed on, up to 500 Wen.
  • Clan Spins—when landed on, up to 25 spins.
  • Demon Spins: When landed on, up to 25 spins are awarded.
  • Random item: If you select the item option, you can pick any item from the game. You won’t get the item as often if it’s rare.

NPCs, quests, locations, items, weapons, trainers, breaths, demon blood arts, races, equipment, bosses, clans, game passes, game mechanics, and a great deal more can be found on the Trello page. It is a great way to quickly access a lot of information. Because everything is on the same page and easily accessible, it is a little easier to use than a Wiki.

How to Get More Spins If you want to switch up your clan or your demon blood art, you’ll need spins. Codes, buying them with Ore, or buying them with Robux are all ways to get these. Unfortunately, these cannot be obtained in any other way at this time!

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What faction would it be advisable for me to search for?

A lot of it depends on the demon art or breathing technique you intend to use. However, anything Supreme, Mythic, or Legendary will be extremely durable. The Project Slayers trello Clan Tier List contains additional information regarding this.

Is there a Project Slayers trello Wiki?

Project Slayers trello has a Wiki, but it isn’t as detailed as Trello. I would stick with Trello for the time being because it is currently the better option, even though it will probably improve over time.

How can I turn into a Demon?

Muzan can only be found at night in a lot of different places, so you need to find her. Doctor Hiroshima must be brought to Muzan and five Blue Spider Flower Lilies must be collected. You just have to kind of run around and hope for the best because the Blue Spider Lillies appear at random all over the map, even in towns.

Carry Doctor Higoshima to Muzan after you have delivered the flowers to him. Muzan’s Blood, which has the potential to turn you into a demon, will be your reward.

What’s Trello?

People can write and edit cards that contain useful information using Trello, a project management tool. These have been used frequently by the developers of Roblox to provide players with crucial information about the experience. The fact that Trello boards can be used for a variety of purposes and are free makes them very appealing to the Roblox community.

To locate Project Slayers’ Trello, all you need is that. Check out our website’s Roblox section for more great information about the platform’s games.

Where find Project Slayers Trello board?

On this board, players can find a comprehensive guide to the game’s various aspects, including important locations, Breathing Styles, and Demon Blood Arts. The game’s bosses have described as well as their attack styles on the board.

Any player who wants a rundown of the game’s mechanics and finds the new player experience to be confusing can use this Trello board. Additionally, it is helpful for skilled players seeking a rare boss item drop. On Pro Game Guides, we also offer several Project Slayers trello guides. The Trello board is a useful resource.

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