Is the iPhone 13 Waterproof? | All Information [2023]

Is the iPhone 13 Waterproof related?

Could your iPhone 13 Waterproof take a sprinkle in the water with next to no harm? The response relies upon a few variables, which apply to the iPhone 13 Smaller than usual, iPhone 13 Genius, and iPhone 13 Ace Max too. We’ll make quick work of this dark blue secret.  

The iPhone 13 Is Water Safe  

As per Apple, the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Little, iPhone 13 Star, and iPhone 13 Expert Max is “sprinkle, water, and residue safe.” To definitively characterize the degree of water obstruction, Apple utilizes the business standard “Entrance Security” (IP) rating framework characterized by the Worldwide Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in its IEC 60529 norm.  

related to My iPhone Waterproof?  

Under the IEC standard, the iPhone 13 series conveys an IP68 rating, and that implies an iPhone 13 can be drenched in up to 6 meters (around 19.6 feet) of water for as long as 30 minutes without harm.  

So in the event that you drop your in a pool that is under 20 feet down and recovers it in the span of 30 minutes, the iPhone shouldn’t get any water harm under ideal circumstances. Notwithstanding, assuming your iPhone 13 was at that point actually harmed before it fell in the water — say, for certain breaks or gouges in the screen or case — that could think twice about water opposition and let water into the iPhone.     

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How Would it be advisable for me to Respond on the off chance that My iPhone 13 Gets Wet?  

Assuming you dropped your iPhone 13 in water, make the accompanying strides, which we have adjusted from counsel given by Apple in regard to its water-safe telephones.  


  1. Eliminate it from the water as fast as could be expected.  
  2. Turn off all embellishments.  
  3. Eliminate the iPhone from any case that may be on the gadget.    
  4. Close down the iPhone.  
  5. In the event that a fluid other than the water got on the iPhone, wash the telephone tenderly in clean water.  
  6. Dry the outside of the iPhone tenderly with a delicate fabric.  
  7. Tenderly tap out any water in the Lightning port with the center of your hand.  
  8. Allow the iPhone to dry for somewhere around 5 hours prior to charging the gadget or betraying it.  

For Additional Insurance, Get a Water Safe Case  

Despite the fact that theI has a specific degree of water opposition, you can expand the chances of safeguarding your iPhone from water harm by setting it in a water-safe case or dry sack prior to going even close to the water.  

We’ve found that this JOTO General Waterproof Telephone Pocket is economical protection against unplanned water openness for your cell phone. On the off chance that you add a drifting tie, your iPhone won’t sink to the lower part of the water, and you can recover it all the more without any problem. Remain protected out there!  


As Apple notes in the gadget’s specs, the  accompanies an IP-68 water-obstruction rating. The primary digit connotes assurance from the soil, sand, and other likewise infinitesimal particles, while the second means insurance from water and the strain brought about by its profundity. Getting a 6 on the primary spot implies the’s fundamentally dust-tight while having an 8 close to it implies it can deal with full water drenching of past 1-meter. The two digits connote the most elevated feasible rating in the entrance security diagram and are an improvement over the iPhone 7, which, notwithstanding being similarly resistant to the residue, can endure being lowered in water at the greatest profundity of 1 meter.  

iPhone 13 Water-Obstruction: Is It Better Than The Opposition?  

Like the iPhone 13 Waterproof, Google’s leader Pixel 6 additionally offers comparable water-obstruction abilities. The equivalent can be said with Samsung’s Cosmic system S21, which includes an IP-68 rating also. Be that as it may, both the Pixel 6 and System S21 can endure full water inundation at the greatest profundity of 1.5-meters, while the iPhone 13 can go considerably more profound at a most extreme profundity of 6-meters. While these handsets can endure such profundities, they can remain there for as long as 30 minutes all at once prior to arriving at basic levels.  

What’s the significance here for You?  

IP68 is the most noteworthy water obstruction rating Apple presently presents for its iPhones. It implies that your telephone can be drenched in 1.5 meters of water for as long as 30 minutes regardless turn out great.  You can take your iPhone 13 to the ocean side or pool and not be stressed over water harm. You might settle on decisions submerged assuming you need them (despite the fact that, we don’t suggest it).    

Imagine a scenario where My Telephone is Lowered in Salt Water: 

However long your iPhone 13 is lowered in freshwater or customary regular water, you need to stress over no harm from salt or minerals that are generally tracked down in the ocean. In any case, when you lower it in a pool of saltwater (like what you would find on the ocean side), then, at that point, your telephone will consider this saltwater to be simply one more fluid. 

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